From surveillance to civil investigations, we offer a complete range of private investigative services at Investigative Resources of Wyoming

Private Investigator

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Private investigators, often informally called PIs or private eyes, have been around since before the Civil War.


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We here at Investigative Resources of Wyoming are experts in surveillance. We employ state-of-the-art equipment...

Civil & Criminal Support

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Anyone currently involved in any type of civil lawsuit most likely has an attorney to represent them in the case.


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Welcome To Investigative Resources of Wyoming

What we offer at Investigative Resources of Wyoming is the top private investigate service in Casper as well as throughout the state of Wyoming. We pride ourselves on being experienced and professional private investigators with strong backgrounds in law enforcement. Our services are strictly confidential.

We understand that you need answers to your personal questions and problems fast, but you also want the work to be thorough, professional, and most importantly, legal. That is why our team at Investigative Resources of Wyoming commits to strictly legal, above-board investigating.

Investigative Resources of Wyoming stands out from other private investigator firms because of our extensive law enforcement experience. Our entire team has worked extensively in state, local, and federal settings and courts of law.

This experience is complemented by years of investigation in the private sector, making Investigative Resources of Wyoming a sure bet for fast and effective results.

Besides our basic private investigating, we also offer:

• Surveillance
• Criminal investigations
• Process service
• Civil case support
• Civil investigation
• Civil and Criminal support

We proudly provide Wyoming with effective, efficient, expert, and legal private investigation services. Schedule an appointment at our office today for more information on how we can get you the help you need.