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Investigative Resources of Wyoming provides legal, professional, and confidential private investigating for all of our clients. Our experienced team of investigators will efficiently and legally help you in whatever way you require.

We at Investigative Resources of Wyoming pride ourselves on our comprehensive experience level and preparation. Our team is comprised of men and women with law enforcement, FBI, and Criminal Justice training. We are also fully insured for all of our activities.

Our private investigation services are available to private citizens, corporations, and attorneys. We assist in trial investigations and can provide references from civil litigators and top criminal defense attorneys.

Private investigations at Investigative Resources of Wyoming can be broken down to four simple steps:

Initial Meeting Before we take on any client, we meet the potential client at our office for a discussion of the potential job. We decide what the job will entail and the client’s desired outcome of the job.

Sign Contract Investigative Resources of Wyoming provides complete and detailed contracts for every client we take on. Each written contract states what we will do for you, approximately how long the job will take, and how much it will cost. The contract must be read and signed by all involved parties before work commences.

Legal and Professional Investigating We then perform the detailed job in a legal, professional, and efficient manner. Our ethics and services are comprehensive, highly specialized, and strictly confidential.

Report Upon the completion of each job, we provide each client with a written report on the investigation. We detail our findings and any drawn conclusions.

We use up-to-date methods and technologies for all of our investigations, including accessing records not necessarily accessible to the overall public. In addition, we use the most modern tracking devices and reconnaissance techniques.