Private Investigator

Private Investigator

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Private investigators, often informally called PIs or private eyes, have been around since before the Civil War. In the past, they were usually hired by individuals to investigate unfaithful spouses, but since then they have been hired by individuals, attorneys, or businesses such as insurance companies to investigate everything from divorces and missing people to insurance fraud.

The private investigators at Investigative Resources of Wyoming are available for all your needs including but not limited to the following services:

•Divorce and child custody
•Insurance fraud
•Corporate investigations
•Locate missing people (loved ones, heirs, witnesses)
•Child abductions cases
•Due diligence investigations
•Work injuries
•Child support evaders
•Felony and misdemeanor cases
•Employment and labor law cases
•Process servicing
•Criminal investigations
•Asset location and recovery
•Employee theft

Our private investigators are thoroughly and rigorously trained in the most up-to-date surveillance techniques and technology. They also possess vast experience in law enforcement, making them able to solve the problems of each client’s case with finesse and efficiency. They are familiar with the legal system and have excellent working relationships with the law enforcement, allowing for legal and above-board investigating.

We at Investigative Resources of Wyoming pride ourselves on performing our investigative duties above reproach. We will not accept any job that might require or involve any illegal activity to conduct the investigation.

The private investigators of Investigative Resources of Wyoming will make every effort to Give you the results you need in any type of investigation, from criminal investigations to due diligence, in a legal, professional, and efficient manner that will leave you satisfied.