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The private investigators of Investigative Resources of Wyoming will make every effort to give you the results you need in any type of investigation, from criminal investigations to due diligence, in a legal, professional, and efficient manner that will leave you satisfied.

The three main surveillance services we offer at Investigative Resources of Wyoming are: infidelity investigation and surveillance, hidden camera surveillance, and undercover surveillance

Infidelity Investigation We understand that infidelity is one of the most devastating things that can happen to you. The embarrassment and betrayal can be overwhelming. What we offer at Investigative Resources of Wyoming is surveillance necessary to prove or put down your suspicions so you can move on. We keep all of our infidelity surveillance strictly confidential to protect your privacy.

Hidden Camera Surveillance If you are a suspicious business owner or worried parent, our hidden camera surveillance services can help! We will discreetly install hidden cameras in your business or home so you can always have an eye on things, even when you are not there. Our hidden cameras can protect you from robbery and theft, "slip and fall" accidents, workplace violence, abuse, and employee misconduct just to mention a few.

Undercover Surveillance Employee theft, drugs in the workplace, commercial espionage, stalking, lawsuits, and more negatively affect employers. Investigative Resources of Wyoming provides covert undercover operations that can help put a stop to your business problems.

If you are plagued with infidelity, bad employees, or fear of robbery, the surveillance services at Investigative Resources of Wyoming can help!